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Technology & Operations

The Technology and Operations Division focuses on regional and global technology and security policy, best practice and member education.


The Division is led by a Committee of senior Technology and Operations leaders from AFME board member firms. The Committee seeks to help its members achieve greater efficiency and manage risk more effectively by:

  • Driving collaboration across the technology and business operations of member firms;
  • Directing advocacy at policy makers, regulators and government engaged in technology policy development;
  • Partnering with other trade associations with common interests around technology and operations;
  • Managing execution of cross-industry change impacting technology and operations.
Our priorities
The Division is focused on four priority areas:

  • Operational Resilience and Cybersecurity: Working towards a globally consistent regulatory frameworks that are principles and risk-based, enabling members to implement effective controls to increase resilience within the financial sector.
  • New Technologies: Advocating for a regulatory framework that promotes innovation, is compatible with the efficient development and implementation of new technologies by members and ensures a level playing field with new market entrants
  • Data: Working to achieve increased access and standardisation of data that can support the digital transformation of the financial sector
  • Strategic initiatives: Providing thought leadership on emerging trends shaping the digital finance landscape
The Technology and Operations Committee is supported by a wide range of technical working groups that deliver against the objectives of each priority area.
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Andrew Harvey

Managing Director, Europe, Global FX

Coen ter Wal

Director, Technology & Operations

Fiona Willis

Associate Director, CCA and Tech & Ops

Marcus Corry

Associate Director, Technology & Operations