Post Trade

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Post Trade

Post trade focuses on the creation of a single integrated post-trading process for securities transaction in Europe


The Post Trade Division seeks to achieve harmonisation, standardisation and consolidation through best practice and regulation. Providing clearing, settlement and custody solutions to reduce costs and risks of market participants, the division’s work covers the operational, legal, tax, and regulatory aspects of post-trading.

Key Priorities:

  • Contribute to the European Commission’s Capital Markets Union project in the post trade space
  • Represent and support members in the process of developing the T2S system
  • Work with members and policymakers to implement the complex buy in rules CSD Regulation
  • Promote, monitor and verify the implementation of the Markets Standards for Corporate Actions
  • Actively support the results of the European Post Trade Forum (EPTF) report


The Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) is covered by AFME’s Post-Trade division and looks to increase the safety and efficiency of securities settlement.

AFME Due Diligence Questionnaire

The AFME DDQ Document is used widely across Europe as well as in Americas and Asia to harmonise and simplify the process of completing questionnaires for global custodians, sub custodians and banks that hold client money.
Key Documents
Key Documents

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Our experts are always on hand to help. Use the contacts below for any immediate queries regarding Post Trade:

Peter Tomlinson

Director, Head of Post Trade

Pablo García Rodríguez

Manager, Post Trade